56three focus on contemporary design that is innovative yet functional, sustainable yet economical and elegant yet respectful. We place significant emphasis on maximising development potential, delivering best value for our clients and on nurturing long term working relationships.

Underpinning our work is a belief that good design is not just aesthetic but must perform and fulfil its purpose.

As a rebranded company – previously Susan Stephen Architects – 56three has evolved into a dynamic practice with newly considered ambition. Since a change in management at the beginning of 2019 the practice has grown and is now active across a wide range of sectors operating nationally and internationally providing design services through repeat work and referral in a challenging market.


56three have an award winning team of architects and designers with individual strengths working as a creative team. We undertake each commission in a unique and flexible way designed to direct resources where they are most needed. This ensures projects are delivered within the required time frame receiving the appropriate skill and knowledge at each stage.