Client: Empiric Student Property

Date: Willowbank Primary, Glasgow

Date: September 2016

The site layout was designed to create an enclosed, private, collegiate style courtyard reflecting the security of the original school playground. The existing site character, constraints and parameters informed the design process and created four distinct buildings.

An infill block recreates a strong and elegant edge to the north of the site with street elevation in buff sandstone finish tying in with the existing street rhythm and building lines. The sensitive renovation of the existing school retains the open plan character of the interior. It’s central atrium space provides a dramatic and dynamic hub for the congregation of students with the upper balconies providing access to spacious accommodation located within the former classrooms. The ground floor accommodates some of the communal facilities bringing life to this central hub space.

A contemporary new block adjacent to the school building has been designed to respect the existing school but simultaneously offer a dynamic contemporary contrast. The massing of this building has been carefully considered to complement the school and also to ensure the amenity of the adjacent tenements is protected. A further new two storey block creates a dynamic entrance at the side of the existing school, forming an internal street linking to the rear courtyard.

In total 178 bed spaces have been provided, in a mixture of single, 2, 3 and 5 bed cluster studios. Single studios have been carefully developed to provide a spacious and modern self-contained unit with ensuite shower room, study desk, ample storage, lounge seating and kitchen with breakfast bar seating. The cluster studios offer the same high quality ensuite rooms with a shared kitchen and communal space that encourages social interaction, ideal accommodation for couples, small families and good friends..

Photography: Claire Williams Photography


My studio flat is lovely, the interior is literally beautiful, I was extremely pleased when I first saw it and I love the fact that I get to live here. The amenities in the building are great, the common room is very beautiful and spacious. The location of the building is also perfect, its literally a 6-minute walk to my campus and again this is perfect. Overall, I’m really enjoying living here.”.

Chloe Bingham